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General Dentistry

in El Paso County Texas

Beautiful, Long-Lasting
Metal-Free Dentistry

At Affordable Dental Associates, we understand your concerns regarding the use of metal fillings. Accordingly, at our office we have elected to offer our patients the option of using advanced, new fillings made of tooth-colored materials that contain no metal.


Dental crowns, also called caps, are natural-looking covers that fit snugly over teeth to conceal cracked, badly discolored, injured, or chipped teeth. Dental crowns minimize physical discomfort and provide support for damaged teeth. Ultimately, dental crowns can improve the overall appearance of your smile while making your teeth more resistant to injury.

Filtered Water Lines

We understand your concern about water quality and the importance of keeping you and your family healthy. For this reason, we utilize filtered water lines during our dental procedures. By filtering the water used in dental procedures, we are able to get rid of any substances that may compromise the health of our patients. The safety, health and dental care of patients are our top priorities. This is just another way we show you how much we care!

Family Dentistry

Adults and children have different needs when it comes to dental care. Adults want the best technology, the most informed doctors and the highest quality care, while kids want to be comfortable and respected during their dental procedures. At Affordable Dentist Associates, we understand these differences and make a special effort to address them all. That is why our dentist and staff have extensive experience working with both adults and children. We can make the dental experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Healthy Gums Lead to a Healthy Body!

Continued research has linked gum disease to diabetes, heart disease and low birth weight. In an effort to rid your teeth of the plaque and tartar that causes gum disease (gingivitis) and tooth decay, your dental care hygienist may suggest a regimen of care that requires more frequent visits.

Convenient Appointments!

At Affordable Dental Associates we are proud to offer you convenient appointments before and after work or school.

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The Permanent Fix for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants - Replace missing teeth, dentures or partials.

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